What is a Blog and why Should you Start One?

Do you remember until 5 years ago, people used to purchase journals to write down their thoughts and plans, to tell others what is going on in their lives and some used to relax their mind by writing. As we see nowadays, we are going towards a digital revolution where everything is moving online, from education industry to the groceries sector. It is justified to say that internet has created an impact on our lives.

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Nowadays, the word “blog” is commonly heard among the youth and a lot of hype is created about blogging. So, people want to know what is all the hype about. A question that arises in the minds of many people is: What is a blog and why do I need to start one?

“A blog is a page, just like a journal, stored online on the web”

Difference Between a Journal and Blog

  • A blog is stored on the internet and a journal is a diary on which you record thoughts.
  • A blog has unlimited storage on the internet while a journal has limited number of pages.
  • A blog is stored on the internet which means files can be accessed by you in case you change your computer or any other mishap takes place while on a journal it is very difficult or impossible to recover data.
  • A blog has a larger number of audiences reach while a journal has a very limited or almost no audience at all.
  • A blog is accessible to you on any computer with the help of your username/ID and password which means it is remote while a journal has no such option which means that you have to carry it everywhere making it less remote.

Drawbacks of a Journal:

  • Limited number of pages which means lack of storage capacity
  • Limited reach to audience
  • Has to be carried everywhere to record something and need a place to sit down and record your ideas· Difficulty to maintain many of them.

Benefits of a Blog:

  • A blog is a great tool according to a money-making perspective and people are making lots of money from it.
  • Apart from the cash flow, it proves to be a great side hustle and learning tool.
  • You get to explore new topics, read different views and perspectives.
  • The best part about this job is you make great amount of money online as well as offline and not just the money but you can do this job from any part of the world just through your laptop and an internet connection.
  • You can choose a topic or niche of your choice.
  • Not just these but you sometimes get lucky and you might get free products related to your niche which is a blessing in disguise for anyone.

Niches of a Blog:

  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Aviation

Some Things to Keep in Mind While Starting a Blog:

  • Patience and consistency is the key to success.
  • Great things take time to become an overnight success.
  • Provide quality content.
  • Focus on learning as well as providing quality content.
  • Be honest in your reviews because you will be the voice of the brands as well as the representative of your audience.

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