Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner

Some people think that blogging just involves writing. And then they sit and it hits them like "woah this is way harder than I thought!" but it is totally okay because starting a new job usually messes things up in the beginning before moving towards a smoother path.

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I know you are at the verge to quit blog writing just because you haven't seen any traffic and leads on your work. This sucks right? But have you thought even once that there might be any mistakes you must be committing while writing. This is what I'm going to highlight in today's post: Mistakes to avoid as a blogger!

Before you giving up you should know that there are some fundamental blogging tips that are very useful to the vast majority of bloggers. These tips are really a set of principles and strategies that allow bloggers to accelerate through the early stages of their blogging journey.

Choosing the Wrong Topics

What I have noticed about bloggers is that they don't write regarding relevant topics to the audience they're targeting. Don't choose a topic you are not passionate about. Also, don't choose a topic that doesn't target your desired audience. Choosing random topics just for the sake of writing may never help you reach your goals. It is ideal to opt for readers' choice in order to get desired traffic and results.

Not Writing Consistently

Hard work is the key to success. There is no substitute, hack or shortcut to success. Success demands punctuality. It doesn't arrive overnight. You don't have to post every day but do write on a regular basis. To accomplish this, make a schedule for your writing routine and follow it strictly. Some blogs publish posts every day and these are the blogs that build a huge reader base in a short time span. 

Choose how frequently you want to post and then stick to it. If you're in the beginning phase of your blogging career and you have a small team, start with 3 to 4 blogs per week and then gradually increase the number of posts you publish ever week. 

If discipline is not there, that is needed the most to be successful, then it is very much easy to slip away from success. To achieve goals in life you have to make yourself motivated and what's the best way to do that? It's simple, remind yourself why you started the journey and where do you plan to go!

Not Keeping Target Audience in Mind

Always think about your target audience before you start writing. Who is likely to search for your blog post? What audience are you likely to attract? And what is your audience expecting from your blog?

There is a difference between the audience you are likely to impress and the audience you want to attract. There is a difference between a food blog, a travel blog, and a makeup blog. All these niches drive different audiences. So, if you are writing on any of these niches, keep in mind that all drive different types of visitors so try to cover one niche only in a single blog.

Not Upgrading the Older Posts

How often do you visit your old content and update, revise or twist it? One of the most important blogging tips is that you must keep your old data up to the mark so when potential customers visit your blog site they don't find broken links or outdated statistics.

It is a very unhealthy practice to not update the older content because the audience will not leave with a good first impression. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression so make it great!

Poor Research

Good content demands strong research skills before putting your thoughts into action. For example, if I write two statements in my blog post: 

1. "Facebook is a good social media app to promote your business"

2. "Since 48 billion people have access to the internet right now, that means 58% of everyone online uses Facebook"

Which argument do you think is more valid? Obviously, the second one because it is supported by evidence in the form of stats. As marketers, we don't just have to draw people to our side but we need to convince them into taking action. Stats and supporting material is an effective way to gain a more loyal audience. 

Unattractive Title

Titles are the gateways to your posts. You must focus on writing short, catchy, and mobile adaptive titles. Keep your title between 8 to 9 words maximum.

Headlines must be clear and specific, telling the reader what the story is about and is interesting enough to draw them into reading the article. The competition is rising day by day so your work must be attractive enough so that the user visits and stays at your site.

Quality Over Quantity

Don't ever focus on just providing the quantity. The reader would never stay if you have simply dragged your blog post enough that it requires 10 to 15 minutes to read it from the beginning to the end. Be specific. Don't write irrelevant information that doesn't relate to the actual topic.

If your message is conveyed in fewer words then let it be. Fewer words with strong research can make a great impact while more words won't necessarily capture your audience's attention if it's not worth reading. Write a to the point blog but with creativity and evidence.

Not Using Social Media Purposefully

Blogging not only includes consistent writing but it also needs to be promoted on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Even if you have very less followers, sharing is important. It will help you grow.

Over 3.6 billion people use social media and this number is increasing day by day. This means that it is an important aspect of one's life. So posting your content on social media for promotion is a must to do act. In 2021, 90% of bloggers used social media to promote their content, while 62% used email marketing and SEO techniques to promote their content.

Proofreading your Blog

Yes, you are relieved when you type the last letter of your content. But it doesn't end just like that. To err is human. Always give your work a proofread because as humans we tend to make mistakes but publishing those mistakes is not a good choice.

Make sure our story gives out the exact message that we planned on delivering while we were preparing ourselves to write. These simple mistakes can make a huge impact on any blog's success. Taking steps to avoid common blogging mistakes can lead to a strong blogging career as well as long-term success. 

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