About Us

 BlogiTalk is a product of Radiant Reach that was founded by Ahmed Mustafa back in 2021. BlogiTalk is not just another website. At BlogiTalk, we have a team of dedicated individuals working hard every day to provide you the best possible content. Our aim is to become the next big thing across the globe. We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Working with honesty to provide content as it is without any exaggerations or additions from our end. 
  • Conducting research every month on the existing and potential trends so that our content is inline with the user demand.
  • Gathering reader feedback and identifying areas that we need to work upon and areas that can be a potential opportunity for us and our readers.
  • Interacting with our readers as much as possible to create a sense of belonging. 

What can you expect at BlogiTalk?

At BlogiTalk, you can expect the content of your choice. We have created an all in one platform that will allow users to find solutions to all their questions and queries under one roof. Our main focus as of now is on the following categories:
  1. Blogging
  2. Trending Content
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Finance
  6. Technology
  7. Tips & Tutorials
We are planning on expanding our categories as we conduct more research on the types of content that is most visited and loved by surfers across the globe. We plan on writing in a way that will catch our readers' attention and will keep them entertained throughout. 

About the Founders

Ahmed Mustafa is the founder of Radiant Reach and the Co-founder of Career Quest. Previously, he has worked on multiple websites and digital products and has now introduced his latest website: BlogiTalk. Digital Product Development is his passion and a perfect example of his passion is his developer channel on Google Play Store where you will find applications based on different categories. Ahmed loves to explore new fields and learn new skills. 

You can contact him on his LinkedIn account to know more about him.

Hasan Javaid Malik is the Co-founder of BlogiTalk. He is a Data Analyst by profession. Previously, he has worked on the development of multiple enterprise-level mobile and web applications for clients across the globe. He loves to code anywhere and anytime, you can find all of his open-source projects here.

You can contact him on his LinkedIn account to know more about him.

This was all about us. Are you ready to experience the best content provider of all time? So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our website, you'll find the content of your choice!