How to Get Unlimited Traffic From Pinterest Daily!

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks but unfortunately, many bloggers don't use Pinterest and they don't have an idea of how important this magical network is. After Facebook, Pinterest is the second most effective platform to gain website visitors. I've been using it since the last couple of weeks and today I will reveal all the secrets!

Pinterest Traffic
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Pinterest is basically a combination of search engine and social network. Users can search for anything on it just like Google but the only difference is that on Pinterest you will see images instead of URLs. These images are linked to a particular website and when you click on them, you're redirected to that website. This feature makes it a very important network that can be used to attract thousands of visitors every day.

I've research a lot on this topic and I'm personally using this platform to increase my blog's traffic. There are hundreds of bloggers who are successfully getting more than 10k pageviews per month from Pinterest. Some are even getting close to 50k pageviews every month. It's very easy for you to become one of those bloggers but to do that, you need to follow some simple tips. So let's begin.

1. Create 10-15 boards

The first and most important part is creating different boards. Now for newbies, let's understand what a board is. A board is a just like a feed that has all topics related to a particular category. For example, I've created different boards on Pinterest. One of them is Earn Money board. On this board I only post links that are related to this topic. Another board that I've created is, Blogging. In blogging board I post links that are related to blogging such as tips for new bloggers.

So in order to make your page look professional you must create at least 10-15 boards. All boards must be unique and they should cover a specific category because on Pinterest, people may follow just 1 board that you created and not all boards so it's important that all your boards are categorized.

After you've created these boards, start looking for content that fits in. You can add your own website links and if you don't have sufficient content, you can add content from other websites too.

Once you've created your boards, you can start promoting them on other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Even if you don't want to promote them, you will still get followers but you will have to be patient.

2. Add pins to your boards

The second most important part is pins. Pins are basically the content/links that you want to share. Each board has separate pins. Each pin has an image that is linked to your website's post and whenever someone clicks on it, you get traffic!

If you want to attract hundreds over visitors every day, add pins to all your boards. I recommend you to add 10 pins per board so that you have enough content to keep your followers busy. Don't forget to add the title and description before publishing. As I mentioned in the beginning, Pinterest is also a search engine which means that good titles and catchy descriptions are mandatory if you want to grab attention of visitors.

Use keywords that people might type to search content. Describe what the article is about and explain why visitors must not miss it. On Pinterest, you have to think like a seller. You're trying to sell your content but the only difference is that you're getting visitors instead of cash. Make your description and title attractive enough so that you can "sell" successfully. Keep one thing in mind, never mislead users because doing so will negatively affect your credibility and users might report your content which can lead to temporary or permanent block.

3. Use catchy images!

The most important tip to attract more visitors from Pinterest is, images. If you're going to use plain images with no text on it, people might not even look at them. This is because by looking at plain images no one can really guess what the article is about. For example, if you look at my other posts on this website, I use images from Pixabay which are relevant to the topic but if I use the same images on Pinterest, I might not be successful. I've done this mistake in the past so I can say all this from experience.

If you really want to attract more visitors then you will have to invest your time in creating attractive images. It's not that hard. You can download any free application from one of the app stores or you can make a free account on a designer website online. It typically takes 10-20 minutes to design a good image.

You must write a short title on the image using a good font. The background of the image itself should explain what the article is about. For example, if you're publishing a post related to money making, you can use a background that shows dollars or animated notes. This way, the visitor will know just by looking at the picture that the post is related to earning.

If you don't have time to create new images, you can simply select an already designed template online. Pinterest itself also offers a variety of relevant templates so you can choose the best one for your blog.

4. Use Pinterest Search

In tip number 2, I mentioned how important descriptions and titles are on Pinterest. In order to find the right keywords for your post, you should consider using Pinterest as a search engine. Whenever you start typing in Google search, predictions appear in the search column. Those predictions are actually the trending or common searched phrases and words. Similarly, on Pinterest, when you search for particular content you see predictions. These predictions are the commonly searched phrases on the platform.

In order to attract more visitors to your website it is important that your pins rank higher on Pinterest. You can make it possible by finding the right keywords using Pinterest search. What you should do is that imagine yourself as a person who's trying to search for your content. What phrases might he use?

Whatever comes in your mind, type that in the search bar and wait for the predictions to load. Out of those predictions, select the one that is most suitable for your blog post. This is a great way to rank higher on Pinterest and you will definitely get more exposure.

5. Use a business profile

Just like Instagram, Pinterest also offers you two types of profiles. One is simple profile and the other one is business profile. I recommend you to use a business profile in order to attract more website visitors. A business profile allows you to understand your connections in a better way. With business profile you can see how many times your pins were viewed, how many link clicks were recorded and how many times your pins were saved by people.

Using a business profile allows you to analyse your strengths. It shows you the pins that are performing well and the pins that need improvements. If a pin is getting less than 50 views per week, you might want to redesign or edit it. On the other hand, if a pin is getting thousands of views, you might want to highlight or promote it. These stats are only available for users who have a business profile. So it is important that you signup for a business account and if currently you have a simple user profile, convert it!

6. Use Tailwind Tribes to Promote Pins

A website known as Tailwind is very famous around the globe. Tailwind is basically a scheduling website that can be used for Pinterest but one feature that makes it more than just a simple site is the Tailwind Tribe feature. Using Tailwind Tribe feature, like minded people can share content with each other. This means that if you share your pin on Tailwind, someone else who's looking for that specific type of content might save your pin.

This is a great way to promote your pins because even if you have 10 followers, someone with 100k followers might share your pin. Imagine how much traffic you will receive if that happens. I've personally used Tailwind and I can easily say that it's the best way to gain online exposure. You can visit their website to know more about it.

Important Things That You Should Know

When I first signed up on Pinterest, I was very excited to use it. I had seen hundreds of videos which showed how easy it was to gain traffic from Pinterest. Some of them were getting more than 50k pageviews per month with this platform. So when I signed up, I just wanted to fill my account with boards and pins. I started posting all my website links on Pinterest and after 3 days I realized that my domain was blocked by Pinterest. This is because I was publishing so many pins every day that the automated system of Pinterest thought my website was spam.

I soon reached out to Pinterest support and told them what exactly happened. Within 24 hours, my website was removed from the blacklist. The important thing is that even if you have hundreds of blog posts that you want to publish on Pinterest, you should follow the daily and hourly limits. I suggest you to publish 2-3 pins per day if your account is new. Don't spam the network otherwise you'll get banned temporary. If you keep on doing it, your account might be banned permanently so keep that in mind before starting.

Moreover, you should know that building a strong network on Pinterest takes time. I know there are hundreds of bloggers claiming how they got thousands of pageviews from Pinterest in 1 day but that's not always true. Some bloggers might have actually received thousands of views but it is not the same for everyone. So if you want to build a strong network on Pinterest, you should work patiently. You might have to wait for a few months before you start seeing regular inflow of visitors to your website.


Pineterest is one of the most used social networks across the globe. I'm a regular user of Pinterest and I visit 2-3 pages daily on an average. Now imaging if all Pinterest users visit 2-3 pages daily, that would mean billions of impressions per month. Out of those billion impressions, your website might get a few thousand impressions too.

Overall, Pinterest is a must use platform for every blogger. I know many people are not aware of it but with Pinterest you can attract more visitors and not just that, you can also increase loyal readers. This means that without investing a penny, you can become a successful blogger!

I hope you liked this article. Keep visiting me for more updates. Do subscribe to us and don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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