10 miraculous tips to attract more visitors to your website!

When I made my first ever blog, I thought it was very easy to attract visitors. I was wrong. Attracting more visitors to your website is the most difficult part now days because the competition has increased. For each niche there are hundreds of websites available online. Websites that are ranking well on Google. 

When a newbie like you and me makes a website, we get crushed by competition. It took me 5 years to realize my mistakes. The reason why I wasn't getting more than 10 visitors a day. I created my first website back in 2012. I had no clue about how things worked online and so I posted everything on that website without taking care of anything. Now, after 6 years, I came to know about all the secrets that I'm about to share with you today. The secrets that'll make your website successful globally. 

gain more visitors
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I won't be starting off with the basic tips like post titles or content quality. I'll first tell you about the technical things because I believe that factors which affect your website the most should be highlighted first. So let's begin!

1. Use Popular Keywords

The most important thing that bloggers ignore is the use of right keywords in their blog posts. A keyword is a key that opens the door. As a content creator you must know what keywords are best suited for your audience.

Now for example in this post the keyword that I'm focusing on is "Website Visitors" because my post is related to this topic and if anyone would want to know about the secrets, they'll definitely type these words in Google search. So the first and most important thing to do is find out relevant keywords.

I use Google Adwords to list down the most searched queries and keywords of all time. After that, I select the most popular ones and make a unique title using them. Furthermore, I use these selected keywords in my blog post. 

This way my website has more chance of being discovered by people. If you want to attract visitors from search engines then you must do a little keyword research before writing on any topic. It'll not only help you attract more visitors, it will also help you attract more advertisers to your website. 

Keywords are very beneficial for every single blogger. Even if you are planning to monetize your website to earn money, keywords will decide whether or not you'll be successful.  

2. Must write a search description

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It doesn't matter how well written a post is, if you don't write a good search description your hard work will be wasted. A search description is very important for every blog post. This is something that I thought was not that important but with the passage of time I realized that without a search description your blog post is of no use. 

Whenever you search for a topic on Google, a list of websites appear with that particular topic. Every website has its own unique description. Some descriptions are plain and boring while other descriptions are creative. The creative descriptions grab the attention of visitors and rest of the websites get ignored. This is the reason why writing a good, attractive search description is very important if you want to attract more visitors to your website.

Always include a short search description that describes what your article is about. Make your search description interesting so that the visitor would want to open your website and read your article. Your article should be interesting too otherwise it will only increase the bounce rate. 

3. A good theme attract visitors

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I've seen many websites that are designed very carefully in order to provide a good experience to visitors. Websites that have attractive themes get more attention and are also preferred by people. Famous websites like ShoutMeLoud are designed in such a way that readers have a good experience visiting these websites. Your website should be like a story book that people want to read. The post feed color should attract the eyes and the font should be different. Using the same typical fonts won't make you different but using a new font will. 

When I first created AMT Writes, I was using a theme in green color. What I noticed was that this theme was being used by other bloggers too. So I decided to customize my theme and make it unique. Using the Blogger editing tools I turned it into a blue-grey theme which was more liked by my friends and family. 

It's a different color combination so people who visit my website would remember it easily. I would like to add one more tip here. Don't use too much HTML code as it can make your website slower. Use widgets that don't affect your site speed. A website which loads quickly is liked by people. You can use AMP to make it quicker. 

4. Be a guest blogger for famous websites

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If you want to attract more visitors to your website just by writing a good post then you should search for websites that allow guest blogging. Guest blogging is the best way to promote your website and your talents. You must write an attractive guest post for famous websites if you want to get visitors to your site. 

Many bloggers don't like the idea of guest posting. This is because they feel like they are writing content for others without getting paid. If you look at it carefully, every guest blogger does get paid in form of quality back-links. Back-links are your payment for writing a guest post. A website that has more visitors than you can share its traffic with you. 

All you have to do is give them quality and get traffic in return. It's the best way to get more exposure and become famous. 

5. Use forums to spread your ideas

Another great way to get some extra visitors for your website is to use forums to spread your content. When I created AMT Writes I didn't know the method of getting discovered so I searched for a solution online and I found one on Quora. There were thousands of answers and some of them had external links to websites. That's when I realized how forums could help you attract more visitors to your website. 

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Sign up for a free account on different forums, especially Quora because my experience with it has been wonderful. Search for related questions and write down a detailed summary of your post. In the end mention the link to the original post and that's it.

You will be surprised to see how many people visit your website. I get around 20-30 visitors from Quora every day. It depends on how you answer the question. The more professional you are, the more visitors will read your content. Before I move on I would like to add one point here. Always respect the terms of every forum and do not spam or otherwise you will get banned forever. 

6. Expand your social network

Social network
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are three most used social networks on planet earth. Millions of people use these networks daily. Use them to spread your content. Prove that you are a credible person so that users of these social networks would want to hear more from you. Expand your network and reach more people. 

Make a Facebook page and share your content on it. You can also advertise your website posts on Facebook and reach more targeted audience. Use Twitter to gain more followers and readers. The power of hashtags on Instagram can take you to the top. 

Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your website. I made a page on Instagram for my website and the results were astonishing. Within a week I was getting hundreds of visits on my website and people were actually direct messaging me their feedback. 

Not only Instagram, AskFm is also an awesome platform to spread your content and build a strong relationship with your visitors. I have an AskFm page for this website and it helps me get a feedback from my followers and also they can talk to me directly. Using social media is the best way to promote your website. It makes your website popular and also attracts some loyal visitors that benefit you in the long-term. 

7. Use internal links to increase pageviews

By now you must have noticed the internal links that I'm using on my website. Linking your posts internally can help you to increase the number of pageviews per visitor. Visitors who will visit this post may find them useful. Internal links not only increase the number of pageviews, they also help the visitors find relevant and interesting posts that they might want to read. 

I would recommend all newbies to use at least 2 internal links on every post but your posts must be long enough otherwise search engines may consider it as a spam. Use relevant links and make them look like a part of the post so the visitors don't get annoyed. Don't mix up everything and clearly mention what the post is about. 

8. Interview other blog owners

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A great way to increase your website traffic is to include interviews of famous personalities or blog owners. You can ask them about their experience with a particular ad network, for example, and you can publish it on your website. 

This way the guests will share your post on their blogs and social media profiles and this will increase the number of unique visitors and pageviews on your website. This is one of the best ways to make you your blog famous quickly. I once created a website in which I included the interviews of my friends and family. 

I sent them the links and I was able to attract 500 visitors and more than 800 pageviews. So I can tell you from experience that interviewing famous people will help your website fly high up in the sky!

9. Write content that can go viral!

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Viral content websites are quite common now days. I've seen many links go viral on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The best way to increase your website traffic is to create viral content. Think of a topic that no one has ever thought of. 

Write something that would surprise people and force them to share. Don't just copy and paste content from other websites, come up with something unique, something that doesn't exist on the internet. 

If you are successful in doing this then the next step would be sharing it on your social media accounts and asking your friends to share it on their profiles. If your content has potential, it will go viral within hours. Search for videos on YouTube and you will see how going viral can help you reach the top. Bloggers find it difficult to write such content but remember; nothing is impossible. If you work hard, you can reach the top!

10. Titles, Quality and length

Lastly, your post titles must be attractive enough to catch attention of the visitors. Always make the title of your post interesting and catchy so that the visitors would want to visit your website. Create suspense in your titles. 

Not only this, the quality of your post should be 10/10 otherwise titles alone won't help you. Never compromise on the quality for quantity. Write down detailed posts and make sure to provide all information to your visitors so that they won't have to visit another website to find the answer. 

I've noticed that people like to read posts that are written in detail. Most websites that I've seen write posts which are at least 1000 words long. I would recommend you to write 700-1500 words per post. And remember, they shouldn't be just words, they should provide quality. Make your posts interesting so the visitor reads it till the end!


Getting more visitors to your website is not an easy job. Newbies who fail to attract visitors often quit blogging and that is the biggest mistake that they make. Quitting should never be an option. If you really want to make your website successful then you'll have to wait. Patience is the key to success. 

Every website that you see with millions of views was once new and getting no views at all. I can give you examples of hundreds of websites that were a failure at the beginning but now the same websites are a success. 

If they can do it, why not you? The key is to stay calm and work hard and regularly. A house cannot be completed within a night, same is the case for websites. It may take weeks, months or even years before you reach your goals but the point is that you will reach your goals. So work hard, follow all the tips that I mentioned above and hope for the best. Also, share your experience with me in the comments section below!

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