Top Best Online Advertising Channels for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is the new trend all across the globe. If you want to effectively promote your online website or products then it is important for your to add this in your digital marketing plan. There is no standard answer to the question "which sites offer you the best online advertising opportunities?" as the answer depends on your products, the audience you want to attract, and other factors. In this article, we will suggest the best advertising solutions that you can use to reach more audience effectively. 

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Facebook has become so active in our lives that the company itself says: 1 in 5 minutes spent by mobile users are either on Facebook or Instagram. About 2 billion people log on to Facebook every month, with many Facebook users following and interacting with different brands on the platform.

They offer a very effective method of advertising on Facebook, which allows the promotion to reach millions of audience on a variety of different feeds and thus, to reach the forefront of the attention of the public you are interested in.

It can offers a paid ad post which looks like a regular post but is more likely to appear in feeds; display ads (inserted into feeds as videos, slides, or photos); advertisements in the standalone Messenger application.

Facebook allows a very detailed market segmentation and targeting, which helps you save enormous sums of money while avoiding unnecessary clicks. 


Instagram, owned by Facebook, gives access to a vast audience as well, with 500 million users creating Instagram accounts every single day.

Instagram is an extremely attractive platform from a visual point of view and therefore an ideal place if your products are suitable for photos and videos. The platform allows you to add your business address and phone number to all posts, which means it gets easier for potential customers to reach you.

For those with a solid knowledge of mobile devices, using Instagram is intuitive. In addition, most smartphones have high-quality cameras and editing tools, which means that you can create a complete and professional advertising campaign directly from your smartphone.

We can only access the complete features of Instagram from the mobile application, a disadvantage for those who prefer to manage their business from a desktop device. In addition to this, for detailed reports about potential customers and their buying behavior, Instagram may not be able to provide enough details.

Google AdWords

Although it involves some technical knowledge for maximizing efficiency, Google AdWords may be the best online advertising option for brands in various niches. A major benefit of Google AdWords is targeted advertising based on geographic or demographic considerations.

A general problem with Google AdWords is the large number of features and overwhelming interface at first glance, but with the right tutorials, one can easily manage it.

Another downside is that a AdWords campaign can quickly become very expensive if not analyzed and planned properly. AdWords requires a lot of direct interaction, careful targeting, and route reconsideration. But it can be the best option for online advertising once you learn how to take advantage of its power.

Google Display Ads

Display ads don't appear in search results but are included on websites and certain other platforms. Google itself states that its ad network reaches 90% of the internet users and is displayed on almost two million websites.

Google Display ads appear as banners or small boxes on sites that promote products and services and are related to the products you have purchased online or the content on the site. Basically, Google ads are usually interest based ads.

Although there are experts who claim that Google Display ads do not reach users in a timely manner (not when they are shopping), exposure, regardless of the moment, can be useful in creating a later relationship.

An important advantage of Google Display is that the ads can reach the public without having to pay, because we are talking about Pay-per-Click advertising. This also means that an internet user can see your ad and may not click on it right then, but search for you later on.


According to Microsoft, about 5 billion searches are made on Bing every month. The audience includes 68 million people who are not reached at all by advertisers who promote themselves with the help of Google products. Thus, advertising on a site used by your audience but forgotten by the competition gives you an extra chance to capture attention.

In addition, Bing tools allow you to import campaigns from Google AdWords, which can save a lot of time for research. Bing also has a wide range of learning tools to help you become familiar with the network.

Bing advertisers say they like the transparency and control they have. They can see the cost of clicks and can eliminate the partners they consider to be too expensive compared to the outcomes of the campaign.

Although each campaign is different, there is evidence that advertising on Bing is much cheaper for similar campaigns being promoted on Google, an advantage for smaller brands. However, we must not forget that it is a much smaller advertising network than the one offered by Google.


With approximately 500M daily tweets, Twitter is an extremely active platform, ideal for individuals, influencers and brands.

Twitter ads can be promoted as tweets (they look similar to regular tweets, but can be seen even by those who don't follow the brand), promoted accounts (the whole account comes to the forefront of potential users' attention to win new followers). Twitter users are very open to this kind of advertising, 85% saying that this way they can find new products and services.

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