The Rising Need of Digital Marketing

Social media is a media which has connected people and their hearts through a single platform. Social media has eased miles long communications over a single platform through the use of internet. We need social media because it is becoming a part of our daily lives. Social media has not only changed the mode of communication but how we think and analyze things as well as our lifestyle.

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As we can see nowadays, we are going towards a tech revolution which means we spend more times on our smartphones which means that we use social media and millions of other people use social media as well. It is consider to be a better medium of advertisement and marketing. A better explanation of this concept is shared with you in this article later on!

Conventional Marketing:

Conventional marketing is a mode of marketing which was used in the past and is becoming extinct day by day. Some of the conventional marketing techniques include:
  • Advertisements in TV or any medium of electronic media
  • Advertisements through print media
  • Selling door to door
  • Influencer acts
  • Salesmen

Disadvantages of Conventional Marketing:

Conventional marketing was a great medium back in the day but it failed to make progress with the needs and requirements of the businesses and consumers. Some of the few disadvantages of conventional marketing include:
  • Wastage of time and resources on TV ads because the ads are too expensive to run and are very short-lived.
  • The ads on print media are also for a limited period of time and are expensive just like TVCs.
  • These techniques wasted the time of both the businesses and consumers as well as the salesmen because the salesmen failed to reach their target audience. 
  • It was a very expensive method of marketing because it was the only way for influencers to make money.
  • It was an effective way but it consumed more resources and the outcome was not that ideal.
  • The target audience is not reached because of the lack of audience reach.

A Few Genius Marketing Strategies of the Past:

These strategies were considered some of the best back in the day but people forgot the product because of the costs incurred by the business in order to promote its product.

Before the FIFA world cup of 1970, footballer Pele was paid $120,000 by Puma in order to tie his shoe laces on a Puma shoe which was of course a genius marketing strategy back at the time and is also considered a genius marketing move today.

Dominos ran a campaign named “Paving for Pizza” in which the potholes of a town are filled and a manhole is covered with Dominos branding. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a method of marketing in which digital media is used as means of promoting products and services. People are learning this method to make millions of dollars for their companies and in return these companies get the expertise of digital marketers. Some of the most used digital marketing platforms include:
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube

Why Digital Marketing is Necessary for your Business?

It is a quite fun and advantageous process. Some of the advantages are listed below:
  • An effective method to reach more audience
  • It is less time-consuming
  • It does not waste resources
  • It is a cost-efficient method
  • You can select the time span of your choice to promote your product

Companies which use digital marketing:

There is a never-ending list of the companies that use digital marketing as their main marketing strategy. Few of them are listed below:
  • Lamborghini
  • Pizza Hut
  • Google
  • Apple
  • McDonalds
  • Dominos
  • Toyota
Digital marketing is the new trend in the business world. Companies that learn the secrets of digital marketing spend less and earn more due to higher conversion rates and more loyal customers. Without digital marketing, a product's journey is incomplete. 

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