Unlocking the Power of Keywords Through Keyword Research: A Beginner's Guide to SEO

Keywords are the key to success when it comes to search engine optimization. Keywords are like that secret ingredient without which a dish is incomplete. Have you ever wondered why keywords are so important to rank higher on search engine result page? Well, this is what you're going to learn in today's article!

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Keywords are the backbone of any website. Without proper usage, a website may never rank at all. This article explains why keyword research is important and what is the concept behind it? Why should you do it?

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding words that are relevant to your blog post and are popular on search engines. Keyword research includes analysis of certain words and phrases to understand how they are being used and what context they are being used in. It is important to know how a word is ranking on search engines and in what volume is it being searched in?

Google keyword planner is a software that allows you to search for relevant keywords for your blog post and it displays its value, volume and ranking as well. Using such software, a writer can know what to use in his post to attract more organic website traffic. 

Keywords are not just single words, a keyword can be a phrase that can be used by a user to find certain content on search engines. These phrases can be divided into two categories: Long tail and Short tail keywords. 

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is important for a number of reasons. The most important reason of all is to get discovered on search engines. Imagine going to a party where you have only one friend that knows you and all other people are strangers. How will that friend call you when he sees you? 

By taking your name. Your name is the keyword in this situation and the strangers are your competitors. By using the right keyword, your friend will successfully call you and you both will meet. 

Same is the case when it comes to search engines. As a publisher, you must use the right keywords to connect with your visitors. If your content is too good but you have used keywords in a poor manner, your content will go to waste. A good blog post consists of the right amount of relevant keywords. 

For example, if you're writing a post about pets, you will first have to identify what pet are you talking about. Then the next step would be to find relevant phrases to use in your blog post. Here are three steps that you can follow to do effective keyword research:

Step 1: Identify Your Content

In this step you have to take a deep breath, clear up your mind and identify what your content is and what you're writing about. Once you identify your content and set goals for it, then you should make a list of the words that you feel are important for your content. 

The purpose of this step is to brainstorm and come up with words that are relevant to your blog post. After you have identified 10-15 words, next step is to use a software to see which words are the most valuable for search engines. It's okay if you don't have a software, you can still move to step 2.

Step 2: Make Keywords for Your Blog Post

Now that you have a list of words, its time to make keywords for your blog post. In this step you will use the shortlisted words to create phrases and sentences. These phrases must be used in your blog post in the title, paragraphs and meta descriptions. It will help search engines identify your content and rank it according to the search queries. 

Step 3: Analyze

This is the most important step for your future keyword research. Once you have published your post, analyze the words that have performed well and brought you most organic traffic. This way you will understand the types of queries users are interested in and the words that are popular on search engines. You can then use these findings to prepare your future posts. 

Keyword research can help you gain a lot of organic website traffic which can lead to increased conversions and more loyal customers. Moreover, it can help you in acquiring new customers and making them permanent ones. 

Let us know what you know about keyword research and how important do you think it is? Feel free to share your knowledge with us in the comments section below!

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