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With billions of Instagram users posting content every day, it is very difficult for new bloggers to get much attention. When I first made an official Instagram page for amtwrites, I faced the same problem but for every problem there has to be a solution so I started searching for one. 

The Tagify App. When I first found this, I wasn't very impressed, to be honest. It seemed like yet another ordinary app that promises you Instagram growth but does nothing at all. Well, I decided to give it a try and found out that this app functioned in the same way but was a little different. The difference was that IT WORKED!!

So today I'm writing this detailed review of Tagify App for all those new bloggers who are struggling to reach more genuine audience on Instagram. Tagify has some advantages as well as some disadvantages, I'll discuss them later in this post. 

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What is Tagify? 

Tagify is basically an application that allows you to find relevant hashtags for your Instagram post. Now this might not seem very attractive at first but when you use it, you get addicted to it. One might say that why download an application for hashtags when you can make your own? but in reality things are quite different. 

It is true that typing in random hashtags is possible on Instagram but to gain more exposure you need to add hashtags that are relevant and also get few thousand visitors daily. Only then your post can be discovered. Not all hashtags that you use get daily traffic on Instagram so it won't benefit you if you use a 100 hashtags that attract less than 50 people in 24 hours. 

Tagify app does this job for you. With Tagify app, you just have to enter a keyword and the app automatically generates relevant hashtags for you. 

When you enter a keyword, the app generates a list of best hashtags that get the highest number of visitors every day. In this case, I added the keyword motivation and the app generated a list of hashtags that were relevant to the keyword.

Tagify generates a long list of hashtags but by default only selects 30 tags that have the highest potential. What you can do is, either copy those 30 tags and paste it in your Instagram post or delete some of those tags, add more from the list and then add them to your post. 

By doing this, your Instagram post might get more impressions, likes and even followers. For me, the tags have worked for all my posts. 

Instagram Proof

I've been using Tagify app since a week now and I've generated tags for 3 different posts. In my case the average reach from hashtags has been around 450 impressions and I gained 100+ likes but the results might be different for you, depending on your posts. My Instagram account, amtwrites, is basically a motivational page on which I post my own quotes. For me, the response has been good, here's a screenshot of the analytics of my latest post: 

(Post Analytics)

As you can see my post was viewed 517 times out of which 471 impressions came from hashtags that I generated using Tagify app. I got more than 100 extra likes on this post by using these hashtags. Overall I've gained 5 followers from 3 posts till now but I believe with regular usage of strong hashtags, one can gain much more than that. 

I also used this application to generate tags for a video post and by doing so I was actually able to increase the video views. From what I've calculated, I gained almost 500 extra video views and also 1 DM. 

In short, by using good hashtags you can expose your post to a wider audience and this can be done with the help of Tagify but having said that, Tagify has some pros and cons discussed below. 

Tagify Pros

  1. Increases Instagram likes.
  2. Increases Instagram followers.
  3. More profile impressions. 
  4. More post shares.
  5. More interactions on your post. 
  6. Increased video views.
  7. More comments. 
  8. Higher chance of getting on the explore page.
  9. Higher exposure.
  10. Chance of getting viral. 

Tagify Cons

  1. In-app ads can be annoying.
  2. Tagify automatically generates its own tag with every keyword and post. 
  3. Selecting relevant tags can be time consuming.
  4. Not all tags give 100% result.
  5. Irrelevant tags generated sometimes. 
  6. Longer tags look spammy. 

So these were some pros and cons of Tagify app. In my opinion, the pros are much more compared to the cons and some cons can be ignored too. Till now, I'm having a good time using this app but this might change with time with the introduction of new competitors or changes within this app by the developers. 

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