Blogger vs Wordpress - Which one should you choose?

Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms in the world. When I first decided to make a website, I chose WordPress over Blogger. The reason was that WordPress offered me more themes and options than Blogger. 

I made my first blog and it was quite successful. Later that year I decided to try Blogger. It was a night of November 2015 when I started working on Blogger and found out how useful it was. After spending many months on both platforms I came to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using them. And that is what I'm going to discuss today in this post. Which platform should you choose, Blogger or WordPress? 

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In May 2018 the statistics showed that the most used platform for blogging was WordPress. 31% websites were created using WordPress and Blogger on the other hand powered less than 1% websites. This percentage represents websites that are online and are currently being visited by visitors around the world. 

Millions of businesses use WordPress platform because it offers them a variety of impressive themes.  Blogger on the other hand is owned by the powerful and well-known company, Google. It offers limited designs but is easy to use. So now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress and see which platform a newbie should choose. 

Advantages of using Blogger

1) Easy to use: Blogger is a platform designed for everyone. Even if you are a teenager who knows nothing about coding, you can understand blogger very easily. The features are organized under different headings. You can add or remove a widget in the 'Layout' section just by clicking on it. Themes can be customized easily and the background colors and images can be changed. Writing and publishing a post is not technical at all!

2) You get a free sub-domain: When you first signup on blogger, you are offered a free sub-domain. So if you are not planning to buy a custom domain name, you can easily run your blog on this free sub-domain forever. You can also buy a custom domain and transfer your blog to the new address. It's all up to you!

3) Monetize without a custom domain: Yes, this is true. If you created a blog using Blogger, you don't need a custom domain name to monetize your blog using Google Adsense. You can apply with your sub-domain and get approved. I've seen hundreds of free blogs with Adsense ads on them. This means that it is actually possible to earn money without even spending a single penny!

4) You have control over HTML: Blogger allows you to edit the HTML code of your website. This means that if you want to change the design or add a theme that is not being offered by Blogger, you can do it very easily. You can also redesign your current theme and make changes to the existing blog. Not only this, you can also add Meta tags and other codes in the template. You must always keep a backup of your theme before making any changes so that if something goes wrong, you can easily recover the original template. 

Disadvantages of using Blogger

1) Limited designs: Compared to WordPress, Blogger offers very limited designs, many of which are too old and outdated. In order to survive in the online world you must be competitive enough. With Blogger, being competitive and surviving is not that easy. The limitations drag you down. It is very difficult to design a beautiful menu on blogger. Every theme has some drawbacks which cannot be ignored. This is a big disadvantage of Blogger. 

2) Risky: Blogger platform is owned by Google and they have the right to make any changes without a notice. You don't actually own the content that you post. If Google decides to shutdown Blogger, you can't really do anything so it's a big risk. 

3) Gmail account is mandatory: In order to signup you need to have a Gmail account otherwise you can't use Blogger. This is one more limitation that is present. If you want to make a blog using Blogger, you will first have to make a Gmail account. It's time consuming!

4) Outdated mobile app: The Blogger mobile app is outdated and annoying sometimes. It does not even have the basic features. So if you are one of those people who write short blog posts using their smartphones, Blogger won't be a very good option for you. The mobile application is simple and easy to use but some important features are missing which is why I would rate it 5 out of 10. 

Advantages of using WordPress

1) You have the full control: If you are looking for a platform that offers you full control and ownership of your work then WordPress is the right choice for you. WordPress is a platform that offers you flexible solutions and is updated with all the latest features. 

2) Hundreds of themes: WordPress offers you a variety of themes and designs. You don't need to have any coding skills in order to setup a new theme. All beautiful designs can be applied automatically within seconds. Themes are divided into categories. Some themes are free while others have to be purchased. 

3) Import/Export content: With WordPress you can import or export your content from/to other blogging platforms very easily. You don't need to worry about anything, WordPress takes care of everything. 

4) Wordads program: WordPress bloggers can use wordads program to monetize their blog or website but for that you must meet the minimum requirements and the eligibility criteria. Wordads program is a great way to monetize your blog and earn a decent amount of money through it. 

5) Mobile application: WordPress also has a mobile application that you can install on your smartphone and blog anywhere at any time. The application offers you all the basic functions but still it is missing some features. Overall it's a good application and it runs smoothly which means that you are going to have a good experience using it. 

Disadvantages of using WordPress

1) Costly: WordPress is not a free platform. The WordPress install requires a server and a custom domain name which adds up to the overall costs. A custom domain name can be quite expensive but there are some registrars that offer cheaper domain names. Godaddy, for example, offers a .com domain for $1 if you are a new member. The average rates start from $10-$15 per year. The server costs are separate. Maintaining a website on WordPress can be very expensive, especially if you are a student. 

2) You need a custom domain for monetization: In order to monetize your blog you will first have to buy a custom domain name for your blog. Without a custom domain name you cannot apply for Adsense which is a major drawback. The 'earn money without investing' is not true in case of WordPress. That's sad!

3) Responsibility: If you are using WordPress platform to power your website then you are responsible for everything. The security, server up time and everything rela5ted to your website is your responsibility. If anything goes wrong, you can't blame WordPress for it and you will have to fix it on your own. 

4) Technicality: WordPress can be technical. In case of Blogger, everything is handled and maintained by the platform itself but as I mentioned earlier, you are responsible for everything if you choose WordPress. Maintaining your website is not as easy as it sounds. You may face some technical errors which are complicated and cannot be corrected without hiring a professional. 

5) Expensive themes: WordPress offers a wide range of themes. The premium themes offered by WordPress are expensive. This is a drawback of the platform. Students and most newbies can't afford expensive themes so they will have to compromise and select a free theme even if they don't like it. 

Final Words

Both Blogger and WordPress are awesome platforms for blogging but before you choose one of these platforms, weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision. If you are a student who wants to start his own free blog then you can select Blogger because Blogger is free to use and is also easier than WordPress.

If you are an individual with some programming knowledge and investment then WordPress would be your ideal choice because with WordPress you have the option to select your favorite theme and you can purchase your own servers and manage your website the way you want. Blogger is good for people who don't post regularly and have no intention of making money.

It is true that you can earn money with Blogger but it's not that easy. On the other hand, WordPress is ideal for those people who publish content regularly and who want to make a beautiful, attractive website with all the latest features and plugins. I personally use Blogger to power my websites and I've had a great experience with this platform. So if you ask me, I would recommend you Blogger because it's easier to handle. The choice is yours!

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