Ukraine Allegedly Targets Russian Oil Pipeline Installations in Drone Attacks

Multiple reports suggest that Ukraine conducted drone operations resulting in damage to Russian infrastructure: specifically oil pipelines- The pipelines being affected by this recent incursion have targeted the crude supplies sourced within West Siberia into various EU countries.

Image by Enrique from Pixabay

Similar technology used in attacks previously reportedly include even more daring instances such as alleged attacks targeting the Kremlin itself earlier this month - according to US intelligence sources- although none have been officially confirmed by Ukrainian authorities yet who have not replied at all publically or privately on this matter so far. However, details continue to come to light across various news publications speculating on this matter.

For example, there are claims of two drones targeting specific stations in the Tver region near Moscow and subsequent reports that one UAV had crashed hundreds of kilometers away from the Russia-Ukrainian border. The famous Telegram channel Baza indicated that all these attacks targeted the stations supplying crude for Druzhba. It seems like Russian oil pipelines are under attack and Ukraine is trying to defend itself by hitting Russia where it would hurt the most.

Constructed during Soviet times, Druzhba is currently capable of pumping over 2 million barrels per day, although Europe has reduced its reliance on Russian oil due to Putin’s actions in Ukraine recently impacting this infrastructure. Transneft - Russia's oil pipeline operator - confirmed attacks had occurred at several locations along the pipeline recently.

Recently highlighted reports include military activity stating 12 Ukrainian drones were intercepted and destroyed over a 24-hour period recently along with two long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles believed to originate from British-designed machinery and shorter-range missiles including HARM missiles developed by America.

Fighting currently surrounds regions along Ukraine's front line- although specific interception sites remain undisclosed still according to information released from within Russia's Defence Ministry briefing contents. It's important to note that Reuters was unable to confirm the battlefield reports referenced by both sides mentioned here.

As we're writing this post, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense has not yet issued a response to requests for comment. However, Kyiv officials have previously stated that any weapons provided by Western countries would only be used against Russian forces operating within Ukraine.

According to local Governor Mikhail Vedernikov, there were explosions at an administrative building of an oil pipeline in the Pskov region of Western Russia caused by two drones. This incident reportedly took place near Litvinovo village, which is less than 10 km (6 miles) away from Russia's border with Belarus.

The Governor stated that "Preliminarily, the building was damaged as a result of an attack by two unmanned aerial vehicles." In a separate report regarding events near the Ukraine border in the Kursk region, it has been confirmed that a construction worker was killed due to shelling from Ukraine as noted by the local governor.

Where is the Russia-Ukraine situation headed? Just when people were praying for peace between the two countries, we've yet witnessed another potential war trigger between the two. Let's hope for the best and pray that the world does not have to see more bloodshed.

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