3 Awesome AI Video Making Tools for YouTube That will Blow Your Mind!

With the massive popularity of YouTube, people’s way of sharing and consuming video content has changed. So, whether you're a blogger, a content creator, or an ambitious producer, the ability to deliver professional-looking videos is essential. Fortunately, technological advances have resulted in the development of artificial intelligence-controlled video editors.

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These tools by using artificial intelligence make boring and complex video editing tasks much easier. They enhance the visual appeal, streamline the editing process, and automatically adjust the video clips for polished results. 

So, without further delay let us explore the top 3 AI video editors that can give you the best results in this regard.

1. InVideo:

InVideo, an AI-powered YouTube video editor, is gaining significant popularity among content creators and video enthusiasts. InVideo enables you to harness the power of AI to produce professional-looking videos. It has a user-friendly interface, round-the-clock customer service, extensive tutorials, and simple yet effective editing tools that engage and captivate audiences. 

InVideo has an extensive library of 5000+ templates, millions of stock videos, and images, including iStock, effects, and more to accommodate all use cases for creating and editing videos. You can easily transform your concepts into videos with the aid of this user-friendly tool, which includes a library of pre-loaded templates and media, including story blocks, media from iStock, and more. 

InVideo also allows you to include team members when making videos. By utilizing the AI power of InVideo, you can quickly enhance your videos by making adjustments to the lighting, color, and more. So, use InVideo's AI-powered features to express your creativity, tell your story, and improve your video editing abilities!

2. Filmora:

Filmora has emerged as a reliable and feature-rich video editing software and is the 2nd popular choice among content creators. You can use Filmora to take advantage of artificial intelligence's potential to produce eye-catching, polished videos that will engage your audience. 

Filmora has established itself as one of the best AI YouTube video editors by offering a range of functionalities that can assist in creating high-quality videos for YouTube. Its features include AI-powered editing tools, creative effects, transitions, audio editing and mixing, and an efficient editing process with user-friendly interference.

For editing, it offers AI copywriting through the ChatGPT plug-in, which can generate written content based on your video's audio-to-text input. And give life to your words in beautiful visuals through AI images. It can also give a perfect AI smart cutout, through which you can easily edit and cut out any unwanted object or background from your video clip.

Its audio editing features include AI audio stretch and denoise, which can fix the duration and background noises from your audio or video. In short, Filmora offers a range of features that can enhance your video editing workflow.

3. Magisto:

Magisto has also emerged as a top choice among content creators, thanks to its powerful AI capabilities and seamless integration with YouTube. It automatically edits videos and photos, distributes content through multiple channels, and provides analytics on how videos are being received. Its updated version includes over 100+ trendy new templates. As well as new and improved B-roll features, Text Design and animation, 50+ new custom fonts, 3 color palette systems, and many more.

All that you have to do is, simply choose your media files. Then select a soundtrack from its library. And then choose any template from Magisto’s 100+ NEW video templates, over which you can put your video in a single clip. 

With Magisto, you can use artificial intelligence to produce engaging, polished videos that will have a lasting impression on your audience, as it has a diverse style and customization options, as well as automatic enhancements for professional results. Furthermore, the fact that Magisto is available both on a computer as well as on a mobile application is all beneficial!

So, by embracing the power of AI video editors, you can improve your video and create more appealing video clips to capture your audience's attention. These advanced tools improve the visual appeal of clips and provide automatic modifications for the best end result. So, what are you waiting for? Start using these advanced artificial intelligence tools to improve your video editing skills now!

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