OpenAI ChatGPT Bug Exposes Sensitive User Data

ChatGPT was taken offline by OpenAI earlier this week after a bug in the system caused sensitive user data leakages. The issue was first highlighted when users starting posting concerns on social media networks and the security breach went viral across all platforms. 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

ChatGPT's chat history feature was shutdown by OpenAI for a few days after this issue was highlighted by its users. Initially, a vulnerability in the AI software leaked conversations of users which later turned into a more serious case when payment information started to leak out. 

As reported by The Verge, the bug was reported in a library known as redis-py which is an opensource library. Basically, the library faced a caching issue due to which it ended up exposing sensitive user information such as some digits of credit card numbers, names of credit card owners, expiration dates and information of similar nature publicly. 

OpenAI took full responsibility of the incidence and acknowledged the blunder that had taken place. OpenAI decided to shutdown ChatGPT services temporarily on Monday to come up with a permanent and secure solution to this problem. 

According to OpenAI, more than 1% users who accessed ChatGPT on Monday could've been impacted. As a security measure, ChatGPT officials have reached out to the users who have been impacted by this breach and are taking steps to provide as much support as possible to protect these users from any potential cyber attack. 

As a result of this unfortunate incidence, many users have been questioning the security measures of ChatGPT and some of them (noticed in our social circle) have stopped using the platform for now. On the other hand, OpenAI will now be looking forward to strengthen its privacy and security protocols to prevent this from happening again. 

ChatGPT is still new in our world and an AI software of this level needs a lot of time to become 99% accurate. For now, ChatGPT is an AI software that is still learning from its mistakes and it will take some time before the platform reaches perfection. 

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