Mozilla AI Will Now Compete with Bard & GPT

After ChatGPT and Bard, Mozilla is now working on its own AI software that has the potential to become the next big thing around the globe. The Mozilla Foundation has pledged a $30M funding to initiate a project called Mozilla AI is a startup that will focus solely on building an AI ecosystem.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The year 2023 has marked itself as the year of AI already. Beginning with ChatGPT, 2023 has been a year of tech revolution. Mozilla has been working on this AI project since the least few years and finally, on its 25th anniversary, it decided to join Bard and GPT in the race. is basically a combination of a research firm and a community that will work towards achieving AI related goals for the organization. This will be an open-source AI software and the aim of Mozilla is to gain trust of the users by proving its credibility through the launch of 

Mark Surmon, head of, explained this as an opportunity to create a "trust first" open source AI software through a strong coordination with partner companies, excellent research group and official bodies of the country. Mark Surmon believes that by having these stakeholders together, can become one of the strongest AI technologies across the globe. 

In their official article, Mozilla explained how its goal was to create easy to develop AI solutions for end users and a sense of trust with AI products. Mozilla is on a talent hunt, exploring opportunities in shape of founders, product people and technical assets that are in line with their vision. 

The focus of is to remain as transparent as possible to the world around it. The agency believes in accountability and focuses on developing an AI agency that is accountable for its actions. So the initial plan of action expected by the new AI giant is development of tools that can make generative AI safer. As you all know, ChatGPT's recent bug exposed sensitive user data and the platform received a negative publicity across social media networks. With the intedouction of, we might not witness many of these embarrassing incidences, if Mozilla successfully implements its vision in the future. 

The race of AI technologies has begun and companies across the world are now focusing on proving their AI abilities and becoming number one on the AI leaderboard. Mozilla is now in competition with other AI technologies such as Bard and ChatGPT (for now). Let's wait and see how many more competitors appear with time. 

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