10 Best High Paying Legit Survey Websites

There are thousands of survey websites online, hundreds of which are fraud. Are you tired of finding some legitimate companies that actually pay users to fill out short and long surveys? Well, you're at the right place!

Today on BlogiTalk, I've compiled a list of 10 best legitimate survey websites that will pay you to take part in surveys. These are the most authentic websites available on the internet and anyone with a good internet connection can join them.

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The best thing about survey websites is that you can earn money while managing other activities at the same time. You can watch your favorite TV shows and fill out short surveys during the ad break or you can fill out surveys while travelling in a bus or train. Earning money through survey websites is actually very beneficial for you. It makes you the boss of your work. You won't have to follow a fixed schedule or daily requirements and you will still earn money!

Now without making you wait any further, here I present to you the list of top 10 survey websites through which you can earn some extra bucks every day!


The first company in our list is Swagbucks. You may not have heard about it before but Swagbucks is one of the oldest and best survey websites online. This is because Swagbucks is not just about filling surveys and questionnaires, it offers you endless opportunities to earn money.

With Swagbucks you can earn money by playing games, shopping online, using their search engine and through other simple activities. Swagbucks can be called as the king of online jobs. Don't worry, the company also offers you to earn money by filling out short, simple surveys and questionnaires. The rates per survey depend on different factors such as location, demographics, survey type etc.

I've been using Swagbucks since the last 3 months. Unfortunately, survey options for Pakistani region are quite limited but there are plenty of surveys available for other regions. Moreover, when surveys are not available you can choose an alternate task and utilize your time effectively. I would definitely recommend it to you. To join them, visit their official website and signup by filling the required details. You can start earning immediately!


The second most exciting option is CashKarma. This is another company paying users to act in certain ways. With CashKarma, you get a bonus 300 points when you first signup and start working for them. You can fill out surveys and questionnaires to earn a few dollars every day. The rates of each survey depends on the user location and you can earn between 50 cent to a few dollars per survey.

CashKarma, like Swagbucks, also offers other earning opportunities. You can watch short videos to earn money. Videos can be as short as 10 seconds and as long as 1 minute. It depends on the kind of ad you're watching. CashKarma also pays you to signup on different websites. All you have to do is, choose the best offer and signup using their unique link. After successful signup, you'll be paid immediately.

CashKarma is only available for mobile devices and this limits its use. There are a few drawbacks that you must know. The company only supports PayPal and Amazon gift cards as a payout method so if you're from a country that does not support these payment gateways then you can't work with them. Moreover, CashKarma is not available for all locations. Some countries might not be able to access the website at all while others might not be offered all features.

Despite these drawbacks, I would still recommend you to try it out because with CashKarma you have numerous earning opportunities and you can also double your earnings as you reward level goes up. This means that if you start by earning 10 dollars a day, after some time you'll be earning more than 20 dollars per day. That's quite impressive!

Panda Research

If you're not living in USA then you should skip this company. Panda Research is currently only available for the people of USA. The website is very old and it still has the design that it had years ago. They've kept it original and the design also shows that they have a strong identity that they probably don't want to change.

With Panda Research, you can earn money by filling out surveys. Like other survey websites, they don't offer a variety of tasks to earn money which makes it very limited. The rates of the surveys are, however, decent enough to make a few dollars every day. The payment threshold set by them is $50 which is a little high compared to many other similar websites but don't worry you can boost your earnings by inviting more people through your referral link. This way you would reach the threshold quickly.

I've personally not used Panda research but I have relatives who are working on it. They're very happy with it and some of them are even earning close to $200 every month. So this means that the site is very much legitimate and you can definitely earn some extra cash in your free time.


If I had to rank survey websites according to authenticity, I would definitely give this one the highest rank. Toluna is a company that is working with big brand names such as Kellog's which means that the surveys will be of high quality. The rates of the surveys are also higher than many other competitors because of the partners it has.

Toluna's website is just like a social media website on which you can interact with other people through forums. The site also has a poll feature using which thousands of people can vote for certain products. You won't get bored working on Toluna, that's for sure.

The best thing about this website is that it provides you a path through which you can connect with hundreds of well-known brands and share your concerns and opinions directly with them. This means that you can express your feelings freely and you'll get paid for that. Toluna also gives its users the opportunity to earn gift cards. Like the first two companies mentioned in this post, Toluna also offers a variety of earning options. You can also earn by playing games so you're not just limited to surveys.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a well known website and you've probably heard about it before. Just like Toluna, Survey Junkie has also partnered with famous brands around the world. Before you can start earning with them, you first have to setup your profile and fill in all the required details. The profile setup is mandatory so that Survey Junkie can send you targeted surveys. Your age, location, interests, routine, everything matters a lot to the company. All your details are kept private of course so don't worry about that.

The company provides a variety of survey options to the users. You can simply fill an MCQ sheet or you can answer a questionnaire. Survey Junkie also offers product testing and not only this, you can also earn by answering phone calls. The rates of these type of tasks are mostly higher than any other type. The company provides you multiple earning options and it's quite flexible too.

Survey Junkie supports multiple payment methods and you can cashout your dollars once you accumulate $10 in your account. One more thing, on Survey Junkie you earn points for completing tasks. Each point equals to one cent. This might not be very attractive for you but remember that many other websites are offering highers rates but they don't have jobs all the time. On Survey Junkie the pay rate might be low but the easy availability of jobs provides you more opportunities to earn some extra dollars!


Not many people have heard about this company but InboxDollars is one of the most legitimate websites available for earning purposes online. InboxDollars, unlike many other websites, accumulates cash instead of points. This means that every time you complete a task, you will see the amount that you have actually earned. This makes the company transparent and authentic.

When you signup on their website, InboxDollars reward you with a $5 bonus. You can earn money as soon as you've filled in all the required details. Like most websites, InboxDollars also offers many earning opportunities. You can earn by filling out surveys, watching videos, signing up on different websites, browsing the internet, playing games and through many other easy tasks.

Because InboxDollars pay you for literally anything, I would definitely recommend this to you. I've worked with them in the past and to be honest, it's a company that you would fall in love with. There are endless opportunities to earn extra cash with them and anyone can do that by completing simple tasks. They even pay you to browse and visit certain websites. How good is that?!

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the oldest companies alive right now. Vindale Research offers flexible solutions to its users and it has high payout rates that start from $1 for some tasks and $5 for other tasks. It is the most legitimate website that can be trusted unlike many other sites that turn out to be a fraud at the end.

Vindale Research offers simple surveys as well as product testing offers. The simple easy to fill surveys will pay you minimum $1. The rates can go up to 6 or even 10 dollars. There's one problem with it. Well, it's not exactly a problem but some users might have to fill long surveys about themselves before they can start earning. This is because the surveys have to be matched by the user profile in order to maximize the benefits for the users and the survey companies. Sometimes you fill in all details about yourself and it turns out that you're not eligible for a particular survey.

This is a major drawback that makes it a time consuming method of earning but a good news for you is that there are many other methods through which you can boost your earnings. Unlike other websites, Vindale Research keeps its payment criteria quite simple. The company pays you in cash and it does not believe in point system. You must earn at least $50 before you can cashout.

You can also shop on Vindale Research which gives you the opportunity to save money on many products. Vindale Research basically works as an affiliate for many well known brands so you can simply search for products that you're interested in and see if you can save some dollars.

Vindale Research is kind of an all in one solution where you can earn money and also spend it. It provides you an opportunity to improve your standard of living. Not only this, the American company also offers pay rates that one can simply not ignore!


Another very old company that pays you a decent amount is known as MyPoints. The company entered the online world back in 1996 and since then, it has paid millions of dollars to its users. MyPoints is an amazing website that provides you numerous opportunities to earn money online. It is the most legitimate company that has proven itself to everyone.

On MyPoints you can earn some extra income by taking short surveys. The surveys are interesting and they will keep you attentive throughout. You can also earn money by voting on hundreds of polls. This makes it very interesting because you're actually getting paid to voice your opinion. Not only this, you can also watch different videos to earn rewards at the end. MyPoints is a very typical survey website because it offers all mainstream features.

You get a $5 signup bonus when you first login to the website and complete 5 surveys. MyPoints supports PayPal payments and through this website you can also earn gift cards. This website is good for those people who aren't looking to make hundreds of dollars every month. You can, however, get hundreds of offers every month in form of gift cards. It's overall a good website and it's worth trying!


SurveyBeta is another interesting online company that connects you with thousands of well known brands. SurveyBeta is also used by many brands who are new in market and want to know about consumer interests and reviews. So this means that if you work for this company, you will have endless opportunities to earn a living through it.

SurveyBeta offers you interest based surveys through which you can earn even more. All you have to do is, signup on their website and fill in the details about yourself. After that, your profile will be matched with relevant surveys. You can select the best one out of those and earn a few bucks for it. On SurveyBeta, you will earn much more if you take a lot of surveys every day. It depends on the availability too.

The best thing about this company is that it provides you some really good tips on maximizing your income through survey jobs. These tips are not provided by other companies so this automatically makes it worth trying. I've researched a lot about this company and I've only found positive reviews about it. There were some negative reviews but overall I can, without a doubt, rate it 9/10.

Opinion City

Okay so this ones going to be a surprise for you. Opinion City is another company that pays you for taking surveys but there is one thing that pushes it above its competitors. With Opinion City you can earn hundreds of dollars every month. That is not possible with most websites but this one makes the dream come true!

Opinion City has partnered with some awesome well known brands which also includes the international food chain, McDonald's. Just imagine if these type of brands are working with Opinion City then how much would you be able to earn with them. The high quality surveys by famous brands offer you the highest pay rates which means that you can earn between $200 to $800 every single month!

Signing up is free on Opinion City and you can start earning as soon as you set up your profile. The surveys are very interesting and they are based on your profile so this means that you won't get bored and you will have the opportunity to maximize your revenue every day!

Are survey websites really worth it?

Well, after listing down the 10 best survey websites, it's now time to answer the most important question that most people have in mind. Survey websites provide you an opportunity to make some extra cash every month but if you think they can be looked upon as a replacement to your white collar jobs then you're definitely wrong. With survey websites, students can earn some extra pocket money and elders can generate some extra cash but that will not be enough to cover all your expenses.

Many survey sites pay you just a few cents every day so such websites are definitely not worth it but on the other hand, there are websites through which you can earn $5-$10 every day which means you will generate an extra $150-$300 every month. Such sites are worth trying because they are allowing you to earn a decent amount every month.

Keep in mind that this article was for informational purposes only, I've worked with some websites but I haven't had an experience with all of them. It is true that these are the most legitimate high paying survey sites according to my research but I suggest you to read the terms and conditions of each website to have a better understanding of them.

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