How to Write a Good Blog Post?

Be creative! Yes you heard me right. The more creativity you show in your blog the more appealing it becomes. Be creative in choosing your blog topic, keywords, target audience and the content written in the blog post. Maybe you think it is hard to be a good writer/blogger but with practice, good research, and punctuality you will enter in the community of good bloggers.

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As written content is a key component of blog post. YouTube videos, still images on Instagram are not blogs. The impact words can create is undeniable. So, one must know how to play with words and turn them into an effective blog post.

On the other hand, if you have done a great work by writing a very good blog by choosing the right words but your paragraphing is very long and very dull, it can all go to waste. This makes the reader lose interest just by seeing a big wall of text in front.

So, don’t worry regarding writing a good blog post. Here are some good tips for your blog post to rock.

Brainstorming an Idea

This is the first most important thing to do. Coming up with what to write that is appealing to readers is crucial.

So, before starting think about your long time goals, your niche, and your target audience. Think that you are not writing for yourself. You have an audience and you are writing for them and this must be part of your top tier thoughts.

There are many places you can look up to while finalizing yours blog idea:
  • Browsing other blogs related to your niche will help you see what competitors are doing.
  • You can use Google trends to see which topics are trending.
  • Use social media platforms to check what people really are into these days.
  • Also, for educational purpose you can use Udemy, LinkedIn, or Skillshare.
Always share your ideas with your colleagues, friends and family as they can add up to your ideas. Additionally, keep a small portable diary with you and whenever an idea pops up in your head pen it down.


Once the idea is to go in writing, start researching. Research is the root of a good piece writing. Browse the first page of Google for related topics. It is no big deal to jump from one topic to another without even knowing about it. It allows us to write on areas that are new to us, and helps us polish our research skills. 

To rely only on Wikipedia is an absurd idea. It does have a lot of excellent researched articles but still it is not error free content. Nobody is right all the time, so go through every source, and then make a master piece of your blog.

Make an Outline

Note down the important points by making small sentences in any of your journals. It can be your phone, notebook, small diary, or Google Docs. This is an effective way to brainstorm new ideas and prepare a great content structure for your next post.

Making an outline before writing a blog post can add more value to your posts since you'd know how to structure it effectively and what content are you planning to write. 

Start writing

Now by following your outline start writing down your blog post in a draft form. It is totally your choice where you want to draft it. It can be your main WordPress dashboard or other blogging platforms.

As you are writing your draft you can continuously add, remove or mold anything. So, while drafting keep in mind don’t be hard on yourself. Write down what comes in your mind and leave the extra for later.

Initiate with an Eye Catchy Intro

If you grabbed the attention of your readers in the beginning of your introductory paragraph, half of your work is done. Always keep in mind if the start is good, readers will stay but if not they’ll leave immediately. 

Try to start with a question and answer it later in the blog post. As it will engage the reader and he will continue reading the post.

Readability Factor

This is what we all do when we click on a blog post to read; we don’t read it word by word. Instead, scan the information we are looking for. So, keep your information in readability form through the following tactics:

  • Using headings/subheadings, helps the reader to track the main topics of your blog post.
  • Always use bullets or numbering if you have a list to be precise and clear.
  • Short sentences can be easily read instead of long sentences.
  • Keeping paragraphs short and understandable.

Visual Appeal

Add colors to your text. Simply an image can change the whole mood of a reader. This is fun and reduces the monotonous factor. Sometimes you can visually explain anything which cannot be explained in words easily. Also, it is a refreshing break between the words.


After writing and proofreading the errors press the publish button at the right time. After publishing look at your published content once, if it’s okay then exhale. Share your published content on your social media platforms in order to grab the audience's attention. Use hashtags to make your work prominent.

Social media platforms can be very helpful in this regard as a large population is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms will help you gain more traffic and give you the opportunity to go viral. 

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