175 Migrants Discovered in a Truck at Southern Border by Mexican Authorities

In Chiapas state located down south Mexico, immigration officers discovered approximately 175 foreign nationals crammed into one truck trailer; most are Guatemalans according to INM’s disclosure statement shared last Friday.

Image by David from Pixabay

During regular highway checkpoint signs on patrol near Chiapas borders with Guatemala - immigration officers were flagged down by shouting and knocking sounds coming from within the transportation structure.

Upon investigation, the driver refused to unlock the trailer's rear door, but port holes and vents in front gave glimpses of human faces trapped inside. Unwilling to remain ignorant of what happened, concerned immigration officers took quick action.

Photographs obtained by INM revealed people tightly packed in the truck trailer with limited space to even sit or stand and express weariness and fear. Nevertheless, thanks to INM agents' assistance, they were promptly helped off one by one into new circumstances.

The majority are Guatemalans but also included Ecuadorians, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Pakistanis and Dominicans.

Regarding minors traveling with this group- 28 unaccompanied Guatemalans and two from El Salvador were detected too. These migrants chose smuggling routes through Mexico instead of legally applying for refugee status aiming to escape poverty or violence observed usually reported in Latin America.

Mexican authorities note several smuggling trends throughout Mexico that demand more attention to enforced order checks nationwide. One incident noted earlier this year required not less than 300 individuals found on a truck trailer within Veracruz's vicinity.

Considering Blas Nunez-Neto's May report indicating a 70% reduction since some specific COVID-19 era border lockdowns ended at the Texas-Mexico border Mexico sees a crossover; that progress affecting migration figures measurements was worth noting. Nevertheless, reports concerning increased numbers of people choosing rather perilous journeys between jungle paths interweaving into North America via Colombia remain a safety issue for evolving U.S-Mexico immigration crises perspective while grappling with COVID's undertones adjustments.

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