The Road to 10K Impressions on Google Search Console [BlogiTalk Case Study]

Getting impressions on Google search console can be exciting and a sign of good SEO. Unfortunately, many new websites fail to optimize their content effectively and see almost no results on Google for months. I often get questions in my LinkedIn DMs revolving around the idea of ranking high on search engines and the most common question usually is: "I've posted xyz number of articles and I still don't have much organic traffic. What am I doing wrong?"

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Today I'm going to draw a practical picture to answer this question. Unlike hundreds of clickbait websites claiming to have gotten a million visitors overnight, I'm going to share how BlogiTalk got its first 10,000 impressions on Google, how many people clicked and converted and what is the current CTR of this website. 

By the end of this case study, you will be much more confident and you will know exactly what to expect when launching a new website online. So let's get to the secrets behind getting organic traffic from search engines without further ado.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is a webmaster tool designed by Google for publishers. The purpose of search console is to provide a detailed analysis of a website that is live on Google. Google search console offers a variety of features and options such as: Sitemap submission, URL inspection, performance overview, links information, URL removals, URL indexation details and much more. 

If you're a new blogger who has just launched a website, you must add your blog to Google search console and other search engine consoles to analyze organic performance effectively. The metrics that I will focus on today are as follows:

1. Total Impressions: How many times a URL of your website was displayed in the search results and was seen by the searcher.
2. Clicks: How many times the searcher saw your URL and ended up clicking on the link to visit your website.
3. CTR: A simple formula showing clicks as a percentage of total impressions: (clicks/impressions x 100).
4. Average Position: The position at which your URLs are appearing on the search results page on an average. 

These 4 analysis metrics will be discussed in this case study and we will reveal how long it took BlogiTalk to reach the milestone of 10,000 impressions on Google search console. 

BlogiTalk's Google Search Console Snapshot (As of April 29, 2023)

As you can see above BlogiTalk has more than 12,000 search impressions on Google, 204 clicks which gives us a CTR of 1.7% and since this website is just 5 months old, we have an average position of 55.7 on Google. The goal of this article is to share how you can practically achieve milestones using SEO and smart strategies. Unlike many click-baits on the internet, as you can see, our figures are not inflated or exaggerated. 

The stats reported above includes purely organic traffic that was achieved through a strong SEO and in-depth research within 5 months of launch. No paid campaigns were executed on Google during this time period. When BlogiTalk was launched, I used Semrush to find popular keywords with a low KD% to capture as much traffic as I could. The initial spike in traffic that is visible in the image above is due the use of Semrush for keyword selection. 

In the next section, I will be sharing stats of BlogiTalk and our team's strategy that has helped us cross 10K impressions on Google search console within the first 5 months of launch. 

BlogiTalk Stats (As of April 29, 2023)

Sharing a screenshot isn't enough to give you a sense of direction or an idea of where you can begin your blogging journey from. To support this case study with evidence, I'll now share stats of BlogiTalk as of today that have helped us achieve this mini milestone. 

  • Number of Articles Published till date: 84
  • Timeline for 10K Google search impressions: 5 months
  • Average words per article: 700 (currently we have articles within the 500-1000 words range)
  • Top 3 keyword driving impressions: "Keyword difficulty index semrush", "Types of backlinks", "Semrush difficulty"
  • Most clicked article: Crushing Your SEO Goals with Semrush: Understanding Keyword Difficulty Index for Optimal Results
  • Articles posted per month: 20 informational articles on average

These are the key stats that have helped BlogiTalk cross its first milestone. The website is moving towards its 6th month and at this rate I'm expecting it to cross 50K impressions within the next 3 months. Just by replicating our strategies and adding smarter micro strategies, you can also see results within weeks!

Tips for New Blogs/Websites

If BlogiTalk can achieve this mini milestone in 5 months, your website can achieve it in 3 months. Yes, that's right. BlogiTalk is currently a new addition to the online world and our team is still learning from the gaps that are yet to be filled. If we can do it, so can you. Here are some tips that can come in handy if you're a newbie:

  1. Publish at least 3 articles per week.
  2. Your articles must provide value to the reader, number of words doesn't really matter.
  3. You can write a minimum 500 word article and a maximum of as many words as you want!
  4. Use SEO tools like Semrush.
  5. No need to buy a package in the beginning. Semrush allows 10 requests per day for free which is sufficient for newbies.
  6. Write article that are searched with an "informative" intent.
  7. Focus keywords with low keyword difficulty percentage.
  8. Make sure your content is not copied or AI generated.
  9. Focus on one category at a time.

This is a never ending list that can keep on going forever but for now, you can focus on the 9 tips mentioned for new bloggers to rank better on Google and other search engines. I'll be posting more case studies as BlogiTalk achieves new milestones. 

If you found this case study helpful, do share it on your social networks. Keep visiting us for more unbiased articles that are based on practicality and reality!

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