Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik - New Couple in Town?

Celebrity relationships are a hot topic on social media all the time, but after a TikTok went viral alleging Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik were smitten on a date night in New York City, the rumour mill went into overdrive. There is rising speculation that the two celebrities may be closer than just friends, even though neither has confirmed the veracity of the rumours. If you've heard the news online and are curious about how the actor from Only Murders in the Building and the former One Direction singer first became the subject of relationship rumours, read on, read on for everything we know about Selena Gomez's alleged relationship with Zayn Malik.

According to rumours, Selena and Zayn "Had a Thing" on March 27, 2023.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, the rumoured couple had been dating "far back" when Sel's best friend Taylor Swift dated Harry Styles, a member of 1D, in 2012. According to the source, Taylor and Harry "had a thing" while they were dating, so I'm not at all shocked to hear that they might be dating again.

According to sources quoted in a different Us Weekly report, Zayn wants to "see where things go" with Selena. The connection between the two celebs isn't "very serious" because Selena is apparently actively seeing other people, even though Zayn has known Selena for years and is clearly into her, according to the insider. He has always loved her and thinks she is stunning on the inside and out. (ahem, Drew Taggart) Zayn has apparently been "focused on himself" since splitting up with his ex and is hopeful that he and Selena will get back together. Even though the singer Zayn is not putting any pressure on the affair and would love to continue seeing Selena and see where things go. He'd prefer simply to let things evolve naturally and believes she feels the same.

Zayn's ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid enters the discussion.

"She's okay with anybody he goes out with", according to an insider who spoke to US Weekly, Supermodel Gigi Hadid reportedly has no issue at all with Zayn dating, as long as he continues to be a wonderful co-parent to [their daughter] Khai and is satisfied and stable.

 According to a screenshot of a text message from the TikToker's friend, Sel and Zayn entered the restaurant "hand in hand" and were "making out." A woman claimed in a TikTok that she had heard specifics about the couple's dinner from her acquaintance, a hostess at the place they were eating at.

An insider who saw Selena and Zayn's PDA-filled date verified it to Entertainment Tonight. the insider said, they appeared at ease with one another, and it was clear that they were going on a date. They went out in New York City's SoHo at around 10:30 p.m. They entered holding hands and kissing as they did so. Most diners and restaurant staff were unaware of them.

Two days before the dinner date that the internet went crazy over, Selena was spotted in New York City. Zayn's personal aide is Taryn Zimmerman. According to Page Six, the two apparently walked side by side after leaving Nobu together.

Selena and musician Justin Bieber had irregular relationships for about eight years. According to screenshots obtained by Harper's Bazaar during one of their on-again phases in 2016, they allegedly fought on social media. According to the "Peaches" song's singer, Selena cheated on him with Zayn. He then remarked I forgot about You and Zayn, "I cheated," Selena retorted.

One Direction members revealed to Selena that they would all want to kiss her if she were a famous person during an Extra interview. When asked which of the five singers she would choose for a kiss, Selena responded, "Zayn, maybe."

Fans are looking forward to getting to know what is actually happening and who will admit it first.

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