Pakistan Stands Firm to Host Asia Cup at Home

Chairman of Pakistan cricket board PCB management committee Najam Sethi has a firm position that Pakistan will not back off from hosting Asia Cup 2023.

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Najam Sethi highlights the importance of the decision taken for the Asia Cup 2023 as it will have a huge impact on the World Cup. He said that the board stands to lose around 3 million in revenues if Pakistan refuses to play in the Asia Cup this year.

Later in a tweet, Najam Sethi stated that Pakistan is ready to bear a loss of 3 million to protect their honour and political stance PCB knows that people don’t want Pakistan to go to India if India is not willing to come to Pakistan. The people of Pakistan want to stand their ground and not be dictated to.

Former national side skipper Javed Miandad talk about the ongoing scenario of India’s refusal to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023, he said that it is India’s turn to visit Pakistan since Pakistan had made the trip earlier.

Upon being asked if India should visit Pakistan Miandad immediately responded that they should come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 likewise, he said if India were to invite us today Pakistan would have gone and have no problem going to India.

Security concerns were raised by the board for cricket control in India and playing in Pakistan. In response to this, Javed Miandad said that there should be no concern about security as we believe that death will come when it is destined. When the world’s top teams including Australia, England, and New Zealand are ready to play in Pakistan and they don’t have any security issues then instead of making a scene India must visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup and there must not be any security concerns.

Sethi stated that if the Indian government is not allowing the team to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023, they must submit any written proof. Until now Indian team has failed to submit any. He added Pakistan is earning good enough from the Pakistan Super League (PSL) that the ICC loss can be recovered.

Najim Sethi said that we have made it very clear that unless the Asia Cup is held on a hybrid model like the PCB has proposed India playing its matches on an offshore venue and the remaining matches will be played in Pakistan, Pakistan will not accept any other schedule and neither play. Pakistan is not going to lose its hosting rights.

Sethi has taken a step to resolve the ongoing issue, proposing this hybrid model to end the controversy and letting India play at an offshore venue. Statistics show more than half of the revenues to the Asian Cricket Council are generated from Pakistan and India matches. If the Asian cricket council accepts the hybrid model it could have a bearing on the ICC International Cricket Council World Cup as well.

In the span of the last two years, Pakistan and India faced each other only in the events of ICC and ACC. In 2012, Pakistan made a tour to India to play limited-overs series.

Sethi took charge in December, still trying his all to sort out this matter as soon as possible. The Asia Cup is expected to be held in September 2023.

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