Monstrous Beauty, Starring Bella Ramsey, Will Soon Hit Theatres!

Bella Ramsey has been cast as Barbara Field; an aspiring playwright who was born with a very odd condition that causes her to be entirely covered in hair.

Ramsey has lately spoken out about her gender identity and the challenges she faces when portraying strong women on screen. She plays Ellie, a queer kid who survives the apocalypse on the hit HBO series, and she adds that while filming the show she wore a chest binder "90%" of the time on-screen. Some parts that she has portrayed have required her to dress in more traditionally feminine garb, such as corsets and gowns.

Bella Ramsey will surprise you further in the future. Ramsey's role in the new film from Atonement and The Hour, actor Romola Garai is the most high-profile endeavour for the pair after their appearances in HBO's The Last of Us and Game of Thrones, in which she played the teenage Lady Lyanna Mormont of Bear Isle during seasons 6 and 8.

Monstrous Beauty will merge history and fiction through the incorporation of real-life historical personalities. Ramola Garai (Atonement), who authored the script and will direct the film, is responsible for the project. Dominic West from "The Crown" will play King Charles II, Ruth Negga from "Passing" will play Nell Gwyn, and Fiona Shaw from "Killing Eve" will play Aphra Ben. Stigma Films is having Matthew James Wilkinson (Yesterday) produce for the company.

According to the current schedule, the production of the movie is scheduled to start sometime in the month of September. Stigma Films is being produced by Matthew James Wilkinson (Yesterday), who is also a producer.

During the week leading up to the Cannes market the following month, HanWay will be handling sales and will be talking to buyers about the project. The project will be included in the buzz packages during the market.

The period drama will take place in the 17th century and tell the story of Barbara Field (Ramsey), a peasant girl born with a strange disease that leaves her covered in hair. The plot centres on opportunity and creativity and tells the narrative of Barbara Field. Because Barbara has received a thorough education, she can take a position at the court of King Charles II (West) as a "Natural Wonder." This distinguishes Barbara from the majority of other children of her status. As Barbara encounters other people who have out-of-the-ordinary appearances, she aspires to be recognised for more than just her looks but rather for the talent she possesses as a playwright. In the court, she encounters the famed actress Nell Gwyn, also known as Negga. Nell Gwyn is a mistress of the King, and she is determined to show Charles that there is more to a person than their outward appearance. By utilising her newly developed network, Barbara can enlist the assistance of the renowned playwright Aphra Behn (Shaw) in her endeavour to perform a play that would influence the perspectives of the general public.

The actor lead the cast of the Prime Video film Catherine Called Birdy last year and provides audio work for the upcoming animated sequel Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

There is currently no schedule for the release of Monstrous Beauty.

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