Google's PaLM API - A Reply to Microsoft?

The era of artificial intelligence has begun and tech giants are now competing to develop world's strongest AI technology. While Microsoft is working on Kosmos-I, a multimodal language, Google has responded by hinting towards the launch of its latest API, PaLM. What is PaLM and how is it going to compete with Microsoft? Let's find out. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

PaLM is an API with generative AI abilities. In simple words, PaLM is an AI technology that will be integrated with Google's products to generate content based on inputs given by users. So let's say you're working as a recruiter in an organization and you need to hire a new resource for your company, you'll have to write a long monotonous job description every single time!

With the introduction of PaLM API, you can simply integrate it with Google Workplace and type in the following input:

"Write a job description for xyz resource based on this criteria"

Once you'll run this query, Google's PaLM will come up with the best possible job description based on your input. You can write as many JDs as you want in a given day, saving time and making your content interesting unlike typical job descriptions which are normally skipped by users. 

The possibilities that can be unlocked with this API are beyond imagination. If, like GPT-4, Google also trains PaLM on a multimodal language modal, imagine how creative you can get by using it. Let's assume you're a writer who wants to write multiple articles daily, if you have a multimodal AI technology with you, writing great content on a single platform with multiple data types would become possible!

So if you're writing an article and you want to add a unique royalty free image, all you'll need are a few words to describe what you're searching for and PaLM will do the job for you. You can add music, video, text and image content using a multimodal AI technology within seconds. 

MakerSuite & PaLM API

Are you a developer who's daily tasks include creating prototypes for a living? Well, Google is about to make your life easy!

PaLM API comes with a very special tool called the MakerSuite. This tool allows developers to create prototypes with just a few clicks. MakerSuite is expected to support concepts of prompt engineering and data generation in future. 

By using PaLM and MakerSuite, developers will get a chance to follow best practices suggested by Google and create prototypes that are more likely to succeed. This news is not just another speculation and it is definitely pointing towards an era of AI battles. 

Who's going to end up as the champion, Google or Microsoft? Or will there be more entrants with time? All of these questions are yet to be answered. Keep visiting us to unveil more secrets!

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