Covid is Back in India? 3000+ Cases Reported in 24H

Covid (Coronovirus) has been the talk of the town in India yet again. More than 3000 Covid positive cases have been reported in India during the last 24 hours. This report was shared by the Union Health Ministry earlier today (31st March 2023). The daily positivity rate has increased to above 2% and the weekly positivity rate is catching up. Is Covid back in India? It seems so!

Image by Elliot Alderson from Pixabay

As of now, India has more than 15000 Covid patients who have not recovered of fully recovered yet. However, a positive sign in this scenario is that India has been determined to vaccinate its population and majority of the population is vaccinated with either one or more doses. Hence, the recovery rate from Coronavirus is quite strong in India. 9/10 Covid patients in India who are being effected by this deadly disease are being recovered without much problems. 

So far, India broken its previous record of most Covid patients in the country in 2023 and the number is going up every day. Government's focus is to make vaccines accessible to the general population in order to minimize the impact of the virus. Arvin Kejriwal has decided to have a meeting to get an overview of the situation in the Capital of the country and is brainstorming to put a stop to the spreading coronavirus. 

The ministry of health is trying to keep people calm and stress free. Saurabh Bharadwaj, Minister himself, stated that the hospitalization rate is low in the country, hence, panic and speculations should be avoided. A total of 295 cases were recorded in the Capital during the last 24 hours and the positivity rate is high. 

Even though the disease hasn't been so dangerous for India in 2023, immediate steps must be taken to avoid any potential disaster that might be coming its way. We shouldn't forget that Covid started with 1 patient back in 2019 and it mutated into deadlier versions later on, killing thousands of people. 

The harmless Covid in India right now can become a breeding ground for deadlier versions in future. The government is trying to control the situation and the people are trying to stay calm but the question still remains unanswered: Is Covid back in India?

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