5 Awesome Tools for Graphic Designers| Professional tools that you must use!

The emergence of the digital world has raised the need for qualified visual designers who can represent companies online. Many graphic designers now choose to work independently rather than for agencies. The cost of getting started in graphic design is less than one might anticipate. Thanks to the vast development of design resources offered by blogs, video tutorials, and many other websites. In the past few years, it has become much more convenient to learn how to become a graphic designer.

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It has been observed that online learning can be far more beneficial than enrolling in a university degree. Nowadays, designers seek more advanced, and cost-effective technologies. For many creative workers, such as designers, illustrators, and web designers, graphic design is a key skill set. Fortunately, there are several options available online that fit the criteria of becoming a professional graphic designer.

Let's have a look at the top 5 graphic design tools that you must utilize in order to start your own or other people's design projects. So, without further ado, its time to get started!


Although Adobe Photoshop is one of the most well-known and widely used graphic design tools, Figma has overtaken it due to its unique features. Therefore, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Figma has taken the first spot in first on our list. The good news is that if you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you may not have to make the same decision we did. Adobe just announced that it will purchase Figma.

Figma is known for being incredibly adaptable, because of prototyping, a number of creative tools and auto layout, as well as for having a free edition and being an online tool. But its remarkable real-time collaboration ability could be one of the most notable features.

Adobe Photoshop

The desktop publishing business has long relied on Adobe Photoshop. Seeking another word for "photo editing"? Then you should use Adobe Photoshop! If you frequently work with pixel-based images for print, mobile applications, this is the ideal choice. It is a well-known picture editing program because of its simple interface. There is a good reason why graphic designers love it so much. With a user-friendly interface and a ton of tutorials, its selection of image editing tools, colour balance, changing colours in your shot, removing defects from a portrait, combining many images into a new scene which accommodates everyone from beginners to experts; you have control over everything with this graphic designing platform.


Canva, the ultimate savior, emerges at last. It is a one-stop destination for making a wide range of projects, including book covers, infographics, webpages, brochures, and much more. It makes use of an intuitive drag-and-drop user experience that is simple to use even for those without prior graphic design skills. You can make anything with the support of this totally free and user-friendly online picture editor tool. You can easily and effectively edit photos using Canva's many tools.

To create your designs, you can also select from a number of free templates. The application offers a vast collection of photos, layouts, backdrops, and fonts. Many of these objects are available for free on Canva, however, there are some that need to be purchased. Canva has a ton of features, but many of them are focused toward educators. It's worth mentioning that Canva auto-saves. This feature is fantastic for instructors and students alike since it eliminates the risk of losing work, something that many people have become accustomed to due to Google's ecosystem of applications.


CorelDRAW's earlier design was created in January 1989, and 2018 marks the release of the most recent version (x8). It is among the most popular tools of graphic software. This industry-leading vector graphic design and manipulation program offers a variety of features that let you create realistic images.

Additionally, it helps with the creation of Illustrator, booklets, visiting cards, logos, and business cards as well. This software tool's user-friendly UI includes options like masking, Twirl, and smear. It works well on Windows, but unfortunately, it does not support Mac. The top features include huge sliders that can be moved, sketching software called LiveSketch, the ability to import old workspaces, improved vector handles, and nodes for simple editing and customization. The greatest graphic design program to utilize is CorelDraw when you want to produce expert and lifelike vector pictures.


Last, but not least, Inkscape is well-known for being a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Its user interface is easy to use and quite basic. It enables real-time export of generated files. It is a free vector drawing program that is open source and mostly utilizes SVG formats. Any type of project may be created here. Inkscape is widely used by people who run businesses. Since text is a crucial component of graphic design, Inkscape provides you with a strong text tool. Any platform can utilize this program because it is open source. Although it has a steep learning curve, beginners who cannot afford expensive graphic designing tools can use it to create beautiful posts. The best part? Using this graphic creation tool is completely free.

Final Words

Early editions of graphic design tools were cumbersome to use. Technology has advanced significantly, and today's software is user-friendly and encourages more artistic output. Choosing the best platform depends on your job and the goals you expect to achieve from the program. Making the ideal decision for graphic designing software might be difficult. There are a few things to think about when deciding whether to look at the objective of using certain software, the budget, or the available features for use.

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