A Google Adsense Guide for Beginners - Tips & Tricks!

One of the best and, if done properly, one of the simplest methods to generate revenue online is through Google AdSense. You have to keep moving in the right direction, which means adhering to standards and procedures that are in line with AdSense terms and conditions while also having the potential to maximize earnings and income through the platform.

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Let's look at the most significant AdSense tips and tricks that will boost your income like never before.

Follow Adsense Guidelines

As I mentioned earlier in the beginning of the article, it's necessary that whatever you do to boost your revenue adheres to the preset rules by Google. You may also read the whole instructions here, but to summarize it, you must avoid:

  • The act of clicking on your own advertisements (includes testing).
  • Purchasing clicks or website traffic.
  • Creating fake advertisements.
  • No reliable content and mainly ads.
  • Placing advertisements to websites with objectionable content (adult, alcohol, etc.).

High Quality Content is the King

Creating useful content for your visitors is the best approach to increasing pageviews and income. You improve your chances of earning clicks by driving traffic. Additionally, by drawing visitors, your website gains interest from marketers.

You might be wondering at this point, how to develop outstanding content? Well, it's pretty simple. Examining the blogs that are already generating traffic is a clear and simple method to begin with. The MonsterInsights plugin can be used for this purpose.

Google will score your website far lower if you are giving your users low-quality information, and your CPC rate will drop significantly. Even if you drive quality visitors to low-quality content, this may result in you falling in low-priced quadrant. Therefore, always make sure to provide your visitors with something special and beneficial that they would genuinely appreciate.

Use Ezoic

All bloggers with a decent monthly traffic can use the free tool, known as, Ezoic. It makes it simple for bloggers and web designers to enhance their websites. Once set up according to your preferences, it will immediately begin experimenting with advertising to achieve better user experience.

Ezoic can test ad placement including the size and location of your advertisements. This application will help you increase revenue from your website while keeping your visitors satisfied.

Improve Ad Size and Placement

The placement of the advertisements is crucial and can significantly effect views and profits. If at all feasible, attempt to place the adverts in the main body of the page rather than the sidebar, but it's usually preferable to have them above the fold.

P.S: Google penalizes websites with excessive amounts of advertising above the fold, so if you decide to include advertisements in the main content, place them at the end.

Texts and images are the same size when it comes to Adsense. Adsense recommends 728×90, 336×280, 300×250 and 300×600 for both texts and images.

Run A/B Test

In 2014, Comscore reported that mobile devices contribute for about 60% of the amount spent on digital media, up from 50%. You are losing a significant chance to reach this audience if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

To determine which of these best practices for ad placement is effective for your website, you can also conduct an A/B test. You can then identify the places that are most effective and boost your Google AdSense revenue based on the test results. 

You can examine how well text-only, and display-enabled ad units work together. Moreover, you can examine how adjusting the color of an ad text determines how well it performs. You can use responsive Adsense units which are sometimes most effective if your website is designed well and is fit for multiple dimensions.

Keywords, Keywords and Keywords!

Look for keywords that have high CPC and high search volume. You can use Google's keyword tool to do a global search. Find particular keywords with low competition, a high CPC, and high search traffic. You can then start writing your blogs and articles using these high-quality keywords after conducting in-depth research. Employ these keywords at the start, middle, and end of your article.

It is important to know that you should never waste your time on keywords with little payouts and poor CPMs. I would advise choosing keywords with a CPC greater than $2.50.

Now that you know the secrets to Adsense success, you can start monetizing your website and begin experimenting with different ad formats, ad types and placements. A fantastic approach to begin making money from ads is through Google AdSense. 

Since they are easy to set up and since they come with auto-optimization features, someone with limited technical expertise can also use them without much hassle. I hope this post helped you in learning the basics of Google Adsense. 

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