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URL shorteners have gained popularity over the past decade. Years ago, companies like Google offered a new service to their consumers in form of Goo.gl, which was a link shortener software that anyone could use free of cost. Later, as years went by, new companies came into being with some really awesome offers and this is what I will write about in today's post.

How does a URL Shortener work?

Before moving onto the list of some magical URL shorteners, I would first like to describe this service for those people who have never heard of it before. A URL shortener is basically software that allows reducing the length of long website links into smaller, easy to remember links. There are many such software available on the internet but in this post I'll mention the most legitimate URL shorteners that actually pay you for using their services.

All you have to do is, copy your post links and use one of the software to shorten it. You will now get a new shortened link that will still take you to the original destination but it will display a 5 second advertisement before redirecting. When you share you shortened links with your friends and family, they will see this ad and that is how you will earn money without any investment at all!

Earn money without investing
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So now that you know about this magical trick, let's begin with the list. Note that the websites mentioned below are those that are paying till now, however, as we have seen it happen before, some websites may stop working. If that happens, do tell us about it in the comments section below.


Adf.ly is one the oldest and most popular URL shortening service available on the internet. I myself am a user of Adf.ly and I'm quite satisfied by the overall experience till now. With Adf.ly you can earn anywhere between $0.5 to $14 per 1000 ad impressions. Yes this is true, I won't misguide you by saying that you can make 10,000 dollars per month but you can make $500-$1000 if you work really hard.

All ad impressions are counted real time and a detailed earnings report is available on your dashboard. Adf.ly is a great way to earn some extra cash. It is good for students who are looking to generate extra pocket money. Here are some further details about this site:

Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer

Minimum payout: $5 for paypal and $10 for payoneer.

Referral Program: 20% commission.

Earnings Paid: Daily.

CPM: $0.5 to $14.

(Click here to signup on Adf.ly right now!)


Second on my trusted list is Clicksfly. Most people don't really know about this website but after I conducted a detailed research, I came to know that this too is one of the most trusted services that requires no investment at all. On Clicksfly, you get an awesome easy to use admin panel that has a lot of different options. It works in the same way as all other URL shorteners. All you have to do is, shorten links using clicksfly and share them with the world. In return the company will pay you a few bucks for every 1000 successful ad impressions.

The best thing about this website is that it offers you good rates with a low payment threshold so you don't really need to accumulate a huge amount to be eligible for receiving your payment. Moreover, it has a dedicated staff that is available to support you 24 hours a day.

With this service you can earn up to $15 per thousand impressions. Imagine getting 100k views per month with that rate. It will allow you to earn up to $1500 dollars which is not just some extra cash. It's a huge amount. The minimum earning required for payout is just $3 which means you can cashout within 2 days!

Clicksfly supports multiple payment solutions which include Bitcoin, Paytm, Payoneer etc. It also has a unique referral system that will allow you to earn an additional 20% income from the earnings of those you have referred. Overall, Clicksfly is a decent company that actually keeps its promise.


One of the most convenient URL shortening service is oke.io and the reason why its famous is the decent rates offered to publishers. If you have visitors coming from UK, Canada, and USA then you can expect to earn anywhere between $5 to $13. Now this is not something that will impress you because most other companies are offering the same rate, right?

Well, yes that is true but do you know what's the lowest rate being offered by Oke.io? It's $2, more than any website that I've mentioned until now. For traffic other than the countries mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can earn a minimum of $2 which means that even if you attract 10000 view from Pakistan, which mostly gets rates around 0.5 dollars, you will still earn around $20. Isn't that great?

The payment threshold set by this company is just $5 and payments are made using PayPal. All you need is a valid email address to signup on this website and begin working.


Above in this post I talked about $3 being low minimum earnings for getting paid right? You know what's even lower? $1. Yes that's right. With Al.ly you just need to accumulate $1 to get paid instantly without any problems. This makes it worth trying. You can earn this amount in less than a day and get paid too!

Al.ly offers CPM rates of up to $10 which might not sound very high but the low payment threshold makes it more attractive than any other website. The rate depends on the countries that are viewing ads on your links. Tier 1 countries will earn more compared to other countries. If you live in Asian countries like Pakistan or India and you promote your links there, don't expect to earn huge amounts.

Moreover, this website also runs a referral program which allows you to earn 20% commission just like adf.ly. You can get paid by multiple payment processors which include Payza, PayPal and Payoneer. Not only this, Al.ly comes with 3 different account types. Some of these accounts are free while others are paid. The paid accounts allow you to earn more!


Many people don't know about this company but you'll be surprised to hear that it is one of the most highest paying shortening services available on the internet for free. You don't need to invest money to earn. This free website provides you with an awesome admin panel and a helpful support staff. You just need to signup and start working.

With Uii.io you can earn up to $9 dollars per 1000 ad impressions. This, of course, depends on the traffic quality but one thing that I noticed when I researched about this company is that the overall earnings offered here are much better than most other websites. This means that you may earn around $3 to $6 for any country.

The payment threshold for this website is $5 for PayPal. It does support other payment gateways too. The most popular of them after PayPal is, Payoneer. So you don't need to worry about receiving your payments on time. Furthermore, Uii.io also has a referral program and just like most other websites, it pays 20% commission. The payments are made daily. If you want to earn more with this website, you must focus on attracting more referrals.


Next on my list is Shrtfly which is a decent website to generate some extra cash. Shrtfly pays you up to $14 per 1000 views and the payment threshold is just $3 which means you won't have to wait much before getting paid. With this epic service you can create an account and immediately start shortening URLs in order to earn a few cents every time your link is clicked.

Unlike other URL shorteners mentioned in this article, Shrtfly supports Skrill payments too. If you don't have a Skrill account, you can use Paytm or Payoneer to cashout. Skrill support is, however, a blessing for people who live in countries which have no access to PayPal or Payoneer. This feature gives this website an extra point!

Unlike most other services, Shrtfly pays a 30% commission if you refer it to others. This means that you will earn 30% of what is earned by your friends and family. The payments are made daily so no need to wait for weeks before getting paid!


Last on our list is this competitive service called fc.lc. With this website you can earn a 25% commission which is quite decent and not just this, their payout rates are also good. The rates offered by them can go anywhere between $1 to $11 depending on the visitor location. A minimum of $5 earning is required before you can cashout. Fc.lc supports PayPal and Payoneer payments. You can signup to find more about it and also don't forget to share your experience with me.

Final words

These were the top 7 URL shortening services that actually pay you to share their links. All material used in this article was well researched but do remember one thing, the rates mentioned for each website may vary because the CPM depends on a few factors. To make it easy for you, here's a list of factors that might affect your earnings and the payout rates:

  • Visitor Location
  • Time of the year
  • Ads available in inventory
  • Advertisement bids
  • Device being used to view ads
  • Visitor type 

There are two types of visitors called the Raw Visitors and Repeat Visitors. The payout rates might increase or decrease depending on the types of visitors visiting your links. This was all for today. Do try the websites mentioned above and don't forget to drop your feedback in the comments section below!

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